InnerSpace, the game about exploring inside-out worlds, is coming in January

It's been a few years since we last spoke of InnerSpace, the airborne/underwater exploration game that was announced and then successfully Kickstarted in 2014. As it turns out, it's just about here: Earlier this month developer PolyKnight Games released a beautiful new trailer and announced that the game will be out on January 16. 

In InnerSpace, players must collect the last remaining memories of the Inverse, an ancient, abandoned "world of inside-out planets where gravity pulls outward instead of in." The civilizations that once inhabited this strange space are long gone, but their final messages remain—and so do their gods, "the keepers of secrets as old as the Inverse," jealously hoarding their remaining power even as the Inverse itself is dying.   

"InnerSpace is not like other flying games," the developers warned on Steam. "We want to reward exploration, both in terms of storytelling and the mechanics of flight. If you’re expecting a traditional flight sim with aerial combat, this might not be for you. If you like the idea of a plane that transforms into a submarine, then dives inside the belly of an ancient demigod, you're in the right place." 

I like that idea very much, thanks, and I also like how far InnerSpace appears to have come over the past three years. The 2014 announcement teaser was lovely, but this new trailer takes it from a game I want to know more about to a game I want to play. If you're still in the "want to know more" phase, however, you can get what you need at

Andy Chalk

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