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InnerSpace soars past crowdfunding goal

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InnerSpace 2

I had my doubts when InnerSpace took to Kickstarter last month. I love the idea of an aerial (and underwater) hunt for relics and secrets in a strange, inside-out world, but I wasn't sure my enthusiasm would be shared widely enough to achieve its $25,000 goal. As it turns out, I was wrong.

InnerSpace actually crossed the line yesterday, and at last check was inching toward the $28,000 mark—not a huge sum compared to other Kickstarters, perhaps, but enough to get the job done. Somewhat unusually, there are no stretch goals: Instead, as the team explained in the Kickstarter pitch, "The scope of the final product will be defined by the amount earned through crowdfunding, as there would be more active hours spent on it, since we would be able to either have our key developers start working full-time or hire talented contractors."

The most recent Kickstarter update is really just a thank-you repeated eight times, but there's also a new trailer marking the final 24 hours of the Kickstarter that makes me want to play this game more than ever. There's still time to get in on the action if this looks like your thing (and bear in mind that, my own personal enthusiasm notwithstanding, this isn't an endorsement—Kickstart at your own risk), but the clock is ticking: The InnerSpace Kickstarter wraps up at 1 am on December 6.