Infectonator lets you create your own zombie apocalypse

infectonator thumb

The zombie apologist is a lonely figure. While everyone else is smacking the undead with hammers or setting them ablaze with righteous fire, he's in his lab, working out how to bring more of the dead to unlife. In Infectonator, he's you.

Infectonator presents a top-down view on simplistic versions of the world's cities. Your base attack is a splash of zombification – rain it down from your position on-high and you'll turn a nearby portion of the population into ravenous zomboids; wait a few seconds, and they'll infect their neighbours with some unfortunate brain-eating.

Base zombies are weak, but sacking the world's cities and murdering their populations is a lucrative business. Dropped cash can be ploughed into virus upgrades, a world-map hub screen providing a 'lab' offshoot that enables such advances as a wide infection range, and an increase in the amount of infection attacks you can launch per city. After Paris is a burning mess of viscera and croissants, you'll have advanced your standard virus so far that zombies withstand hails of bullets and zombify everyone they eat. Tougher baddies (goodies?) can only be bested by shambling swarms, or by 'hero' zombies, borrowed liberally from other games. Unleashing the horde on a settlement and sitting back to enjoy the pixellated carnage is a worryingly satisfying experience.