Indie platformer Planet of Lana is a beautiful robot apocalypse

We've all been there. You're soaking in the summer rays with your pet kitty, and suddenly a storm of robots descend from space to wreak havoc. So goes Planet of Lana, an "off-world odyssey" about exploring and protecting an untouched paradise.

Planet of Lana looks to be a platformer in the vein of Inside or Limbo (and not just because of that giant spider), if a little less existentially horrifying. Rather, you'll be exploring a vibrant, natural world with your soot black cat-monkey companion—solving puzzles and avoiding monsters both organic and otherwise.

It is bloody gorgeous though, isn't it? There's a bit of a Ghibli flair to the way clouds and trees look like they were dappled on with a paintbrush, grass swaying under impossibly blue skies. The game's store page also teases a story beyond just your wee romp in the woods, with an intergalactic thread that spans centuries.

Planet of Lana is coming to Steam in 2022.

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Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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