Indie Gala 2 is live, includes Greed Corp, InMomentum, Roboblitz and more

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The second Indie Gala bundle is go! It includes three escalating indie game packages. The Carebear Bundle contains Critical Mass , Fortix 2 and Bunch of Heroes as well as three music albums, Casey Lalonde's Skitter EP , Comfort by Giraffage and the Beautiful EP by The Numbers. You can choose to pay between $1 and $5.55 for that lot, and can choose how your payment is distributed between the developers, charities (Save the Children and Child's Play), and the Indie Gala organisers.

The Big-Saver bundle has all of the above, but also includes Roboblitz , Greed Corp , and three extra albums, including Casey Lalonde's Thank You , Jack Butler's Fit the Paradigm and Square by Robot Science . You can get that for any donation that lies somewhere $5.56 and $9.72.

Finally, the Epic Gala Bundle includes stylish freerunning racer, InMomentum , Your Doodles are Bugged , Hacker Evolution : Untold, Hacker Evolution: Duality and Zombie Shooters 1 and 2. The Epic bundle also adds an extra album in the form of Robot Science's Doodads (and very nice they are too). You can pay anything above $9.72 for that. There are about 37,000 bundles left before Indie Gala 2 ends.

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