Indie duel-fighter Nidhogg now available on Steam

The long, long in-development fencing/combat game with the funny name, Nidhogg , has finally been released on Steam. Until January 20, you can snag it for 20% off and get straight to the stabby-stabby fun.

Nidhogg pits two pixely duelists against each other with a simple objective: kill or slip past this joker and get to the next screen. If you successfully kill your opponent you'll be able to sprint to the next room, but your respawned opponent will be waiting for you. The result is a frantic tug-of-war that looks like a mix of Super Smash Brothers and Prince of Persia.

Nidhogg has been in release for what seems like ages—we spotlighted it on a podcast episode way back in December 2010—but sometimes these things just can't be rushed.