Indie devs on are offering free games to help people who are self-isolating

(Image credit: Akupara Games)

Lots of indie developers over at are offering their games at heavily-discounted prices—or, in some cases, completely free of charge. 

This comes as part of an effort coordinated by both Itch and the developers themselves to help alleviate the stress that comes with social distancing. The Itch-affiliated list, called "Games to help you stay inside," features a variety of titles that are either free or relatively inexpensive.

The list features some heavy-hitters, too. Mutant soap opera Mutazione, which was one of the winners at the IGF Awards last night, is currently listed as $14.99 (25 percent off).  Other major players include Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne, which is available for free, and the niche but almost unanimously acclaimed tidy 'em up Wilmot's Warehouse, priced at $10.49 (30 percent off). 

There's another list of cheap/free games, too. It's curated by an Itch user named avie, and it's called "Self-isolation on a budget." There's some crossover, naturally, but avie's list seems to feature a lot of smaller games from lesser known developers, most of which are completely free. However, there are still a few titles here you might recognise, like Where The Water Tastes Like Wine and Gladiabots. 

If you're staying at home and are looking for something to do that doesn't cost a bomb, check out the lists from Itch and avie. There are well over 100 games on offer between them, so you're sure to find something you like that won't break the bank. 

Cheers, Eurogamer.