Untitled Goose Game and A Short Hike are among the winners of the 2020 GDC and IGF Awards

(Image credit: House House)

Yesterday, indie darling Untitled Goose Game took home the coveted Game of the Year award at the 20th annual GDCA (Game Developers Choice Awards) ceremony.

House House's goosey hit wasn't the only game to win big at the virtual rewards, which were livestreamed due to the postponement of GDC until later this year. Other major players include Control, Disco Elysium, Baba Is You, and more.

Remedy's brutalist third-person shooter won awards for Best Technology, Best Audio, and Best Visual Art, whereas ZA/UM's prestigious debut project, the dialogue-heavy Disco Elysium, added Best Narrative and Best Debut to its seemingly ever-growing list of accolades. 

Meanwhile, Baba Is You, the postmodern puzzler from Hempuli, earned itself the Innovation Award, as well as top podium for Best Design. Other winners include What The Golf? for Best Mobile Game, Vader Immortal for Best VR Game, and Sky: Children of the Light for the Audience Award.

In terms of individual awards. Global Game Jam executive director Kate Edwards took home this year's Ambassador Award, which "honors those who help video games advance to a better place through advocacy and action." The Pioneer Award, which "recognizes breakthrough tech and game design milestones" went to King's Quest creator Roberta Williams. 

"Games can help us connect, they can inspire us to create, and sometimes they help us to escape," said GDC General Manager Katie Stern. "There is perhaps no better time for us to appreciate what games mean to us than in trying times like these.

"Games like Untitled Goose Game and Baba is You are unbridled in their joyful approach to play, while others like Control and Disco Elysium can offer compelling narrative experiences to delve into. We thank and honor the winners, nominees and all creators for their part in creating some of the best entertainment the world has to offer."

Meanwhile, the IGF (Independent Games Festival) Seumas McNally Grand Prize went to A Short Hike. The 22nd annual IGF Awards were also originally supposed to take place at GDC.

A Short Hike also earned itself the Audience Award, which is decided by fans via a community-voting process. The rest of the winners form a diverse bunch, ranging from mutant soap operas to archaeological puzzlers.

Knights and Bikes took home the award for Excellence in Visual Art, while Mutazione netted the Excellence in Audio accolade. Patrick's Parabox won Excellence in Design, whereas Excellence in Narrative was afford to Heaven's Vault. Finally, The Nuovo Award went to The Space Between, and Bore Dome was announced as the Best Student Game.