Indie charity socks sell for over ten thousand dollars

charity socks VVVVVV

Last week we mentioned that an ebayer had knitted some socks adorned with images of indie game heroes, and was selling them on the online auction service for charity. When he learned that one pair of socks starred the hero of VVVVVV, captain Veridian, the game's creator offered every bidder free copy of the game. The bid exploded.

As the first bids rolled in, one prospective bidder wondered "Do these socks support gravity flipping if I press my up, space, v, or belly button?" They don't, but the auction exploded anyway. Bids soon numbered in the thousands of dollars, so much that the seller who knitted the socks felt inclined to point out that "they are only socks. Socks with an arguably cool theme, but completely normal socks nevertheless."

The bidding has now finished , and the final bid comes in at a whopping $10,200, with all proceeds going to Child's Play .

Tom Senior

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