Indie game charity sock sale

charity socks VVVVVV

An Ebay seller has hand knitted a series of socks based on famous indie game characters, and has started a charity auction to sell them off, with all profits going to Childs Play. For one pair of socks, featuring VVVVVV's heroic Captain Veridian, the game's creator is offering a free giftable Steam copy of the game to anyone who places a bid. Read on for more details.

The bidding for the rather fetching foot warmers is already underway, and the VVVVVV socks have reached $345 at the time of writing. You can place your bid right now on Ebay . VVVVVV's creator, Terry Cavanagh, will send out Steam codes for the game out to all of the bidders (not just the winner) once the auction wraps up.

It's not just VVVVVV that has been immortalised in sock form. E.saint has also crafted woolly tributes to Aquaria , Castle Crashers and Fez . The profits for all these auctions will go to Childs Play. For more information on the charity, check out the Child's Play site .

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