Indie fighting game Skullgirls coming to PC next month

Extravagant, cel-shaded fighting game Skullgirls is heading to PC next month, as announced on the game's Facebook page . That's the 22nd of August, between you and me and Skullgirls' bizarre kicky/punchy cast, though Steam pre-orders will begin earlier on the 1st.

You might remember Skullgirls from its rather successful Indiegogo campaign , which raised $828,768 with the goal of adding a few new characters to the game. (This is an extraordinarily expensive process, as it turns out.) It's not clear which characters the PC version will launch with, but if you contributed you can now enjoy the beta while you wait.

Here's a trailer for the console version, which launched around a year ago:

(Thanks, Eurogamer .)

Tom Sykes

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