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Incredipede's terrifying leg-monster shuffles menacingly onto Steam today

After winning over Greenlight with its many legs and its creepy, singular eye, Incredipede has finally arrived on Steam [UPDATE: Here it is ]. Or it will in a bit, presumably when the Americas wake up and are mentally prepared to deal with the Cthulhian monstrosities you can conjure up in this ungodly creature-building game. I mean, just look at that thing up there. I don't know whether to put it out of its misery or hide under the covers until it goes away. In addition to adding a bunch of new features (details below), the Steam version of Incredipede will launch with a sale, knocking $5 off the typical asking price.

If you're still unsure what the Hell Incredipede is, say it three times in the mirror and it will crawl out of your medicine cupboard. Alternatively, have a read of Tom's (the other Tom - no, the other Tom)'s preview , or direct your eyeball to the steamy launch trailer, below. This Steam version adds 60 additional levels (which form the new Normal difficulty), two-handed creatures, and 'weird achievements' - which will be "real life achievements", apparently. The interesting thing about this is th- No. No no no no. Send help I said its name three times .