Immortal Unchained is a 'hardcore shooter for the action RPG genre'

The Immortal Unchained announcement trailer didn't tell us a whole lot about the game. There's a big guy, he's unchained, and he's got a gun and a couple swords. It looks cool, but what does it play like?

Back at PAX West last weekend, Evan had the chance to learn more about this 'action RPG hardcore shooter,' as the official site describes it. Immortal Unchained actually started as a cover shooter, according to Toadman Interactive CEO Robin Flodin, but that "didn't work at all." Today, Immortal Unchained is something very different.

"There's a lot of action happening, you have to dodge around, things are shooting at you from every angle, you have your melee weapons as kind of a backup," says Flodin. "It's still very tactical, so you have to think about the resources you have, because even shooting drains your stamina, for example."

"You can take off the arm of an enemy, and if they have a sword in that arm or a weapon in that arm they might not be able to use it ... and you have to do this on very short notice."

Its aim is clearly to be a difficult, high-skill game. Learn more about Immortal Unchained in Evan's interview above, and find the rest of our PAX coverage from last weekend here. Immortal Unchained will be out in the first half of next year.

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