I'm terrified of the drawbridges in this Fall Guys season 2 level reveal

Fall Guys season 2 is out October 8, and it'll dress up the nightmare bean dimension in medieval cosplay. Expect new new outfits, progression tracks, and levels, as well as tweaks and fixes. Most of all, expect to screw up the timing with the drawbridges in the Knight Fever level, which was revealed today in the trailer above.

What I imagine is that you'll think you have the momentum to jump to the other side just as the bridge lifts, only for the other side to rise just out of reach at the last millisecond. The different sides aren't in sync either, so between tracking a packed lobby of players and six independently oscillating platforms, I'm thinking this will be a digital image I scream at often. 

(Image credit: Devolver Digital / IGN)

And the obstacle's placement right at the end of run? Ruinous. It's not nearly as visually intimidating as the rest of the course, no spikes or whirling cylinders. It's just you and a couple innocuous slabs of wood lazily rising and falling as if they just got lost in the deadly obstacle course convention on the way to the adorable tugboat show. 

You just know so many confident beans are going to think they have it in the bag only to get stuck in the drawbridge queue and passed by the bumbling dopes in the back. This is Lucy pulling the football right before Charlie kicks it, a truly messed up move from the devs. I respect the hell out of it.

(Image credit: Devolver Digital / IGN)

But before all that, expect to get into what feels like an unimpeachable flow state only to get punted into the abyss by those pink spikes on those spinning platforms. 

Nasty players will probably camp out on the other side and try to toss you back into the spike storm. We'll make little Twitter and Reddit videos of 'em, wag our fingers and shake our fists, and yet, the dark soul of man will remain intact. 

(Image credit: Devolver Digital / IGN)

Also expect those pike pendulums on the concave purple platform to feature in some '2020 am I right?' memes. I'm not worried about the big swinging blades, though, whether they knock me around or not. Sen's Fortress carved out those grooves in my brain nearly a decade ago now. After a certain point, imminent failure just becomes the ground we stand on. If everything is falling, then nothing is. 

James Davenport

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