I'm beyond excited that Ghost Trick, one of the greatest DS games, is finally coming to PC on June 30

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The Nintendo DS was a treasure trove of wonderful surprises that never made it over to PC, but thankfully one of its greatest games is finally heading to Steam this summer. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has just been slapped with a June 30 release date, and I'm absolutely giddy. 

I mean, sure, I could just fire up my old DS and take it for a spin right now, interfering with inanimate objects to solve mysteries—including my own death—but I'm very much looking forward to playing it on a larger screen, alongside the promised audio and visual enhancements. 

Not au fait with this DS classic? Here's the skinny: You're dead! Shot by a mystery assailant, and now you're a clueless ghost with no memory and only one night to figure out what the heck happened to you. With your spooky powers you can possess objects, giving you the ability to creatively solve puzzles and your own murder. One night isn't much, but thankfully you've also got the ability to rewind time. Oh yeah, and there's a very cool dog. That's important. 

Death has been very busy this evening, too, and you'll encounter quite a few corpses; but heroic ghost that you are, you'll be able to use your time-bending powers to travel back to just before their death and, using Rube Goldberg magic, set off a chain reaction that saves their lives. What a lovely ghost.  

This HD remaster also includes some new music from The Great Ace Attorney composer Yasumasa Kitagawa, but you can switch between the new and original audio at any time. Not a lot of additions, sure, but Ghost Trick was already basically perfect—no need to mess with such a great formula. 

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