If you're stuck in the Overwatch 2 queue, you're not alone

Overwatch 2 unexpected error screen
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Update 5, 4:15 pm PDT: More players have survived the queues and started playing Overwatch 2, but it still seems like a lot of people are having trouble. Blizzard hasn't provided any further updates either.

Update 4, 2:15 pm PDT: The Overwatch 2 server queues and errors don't seem to be fixed, but I found that if you click the globe icon on the Battle.net launcher next to the game version drop down and switch it to Asia, you can log in instantly.

Update 3, 1:40 pm PDT: Blizzard is experiencing a DDoS attack, according to Blizzard president Mike Ybarra, which is probably one of many reasons the Overwatch 2 servers are struggling.

Update 2, 1:20 pm PDT: Overwatch 2 servers are still unstable. Players are getting kicked from games to the menu and out of the game entirely. The login screen also sometimes displays "In queue: 0 players ahead of you" and messages about connecting to the game server.

Update: The "unexpected server error" messages that some players are receiving when trying to log into Overwatch 2 are "actively being worked on," according to a Blizzard CS tweet. The message seems to be an error for people who linked their console and PC Battle.net accounts.

Original story: Overwatch 2 servers started going online a little earlier than the expected 12 pm PDT launch time, but if you're having trouble logging in, you're not alone.

If you pre-loaded Overwatch 2 and downloaded a small update today, you can hit the play button and try to get in. I've watched livestreamers on Twitch successfully reach the menus and queue for Quick Play, but there's quite a few who haven't, including me.

There's thousands of people in queue—I've seen the number climb to 40,000 (yes, really)—and the login page is spitting out messages like "unexpected error" that sends you to the back of the line or "lost connection to game server."

There isn't currently a fix for this error. The Blizzard customer support Twitter account hasn't mentioned it yet either. This seems likely a result of the servers going live early and having trouble with how many people are trying to get in. All you can do right now it keep trying to get in or wait patiently for the proper launch time.

We'll update this story as this issue persists.

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