The Iconclasts alpha is live, play it now and watch the latest trailer

The Iconclasts is an explorative adventure platformer from indie developer Joakim Sandberg (a.k.a. Konjak). It's a gorgeous update on Ivory Springs, which was released unfinished back in '09. The Iconclasts isn't finished yet either, but there is a playable alpha that you can download for free right now from Konjak's site .

You should, because beneath that beautiful artwork you'll find a snappy shooter set in a world rich with a level of detail you only see in games that have taken aeons to make. Go on, give it a download. It's only 20MB. Do it. DO IT.

The 2016 release date listed under the new trailer is a joke , but The Iconclasts is "still pretty far from done." It may well be complete enough to scoop an award, though. Konjak tweeted yesterday to say that he's submitted The Iconclasts to the IGF. "Hug me" he adds .

Here's the latest trailer, packed full of boss monsters, laser zip lines and some fantastic character art.

And here's a video of Ivory Springs, so you can see how far the project's come in the past few years.

Tom Senior

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