ICBM is a free game about nuclear missiles


What's it like to be on the front line of nuclear armageddon? ICBM gives you the chance to find out. It's a free simulation game about a member of a missile combat crew—the people responsible for operating the missile systems of launch control centres. Your job is to wait for hell to break loose, and then respond by manipulating the (beautifully created) control console.

"In the grand tradition of MicroProse and Jane’s Combat Simulations, ICBM puts you in the hotseat: you are USAF First Lieutenant Derek Evans, Ellsworth Air Force Base’s newest Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander."

Spoilers follow...

Yes, there's a gotcha—the realisation that the game is accurately simulating the life of a Missileer so accurately that no launch orders ever come through. It's a waiting simulator, and an effective demonstration that mutually assured destruction probably wasn't the most cost effective way to make it through the 20th Century.

Still, it's dripping in atmosphere, from the random bloops to the images of the consoles. There's a definite DEFCON vibe, although admittedly in DEFCON stuff actually happens.

...Spoilers end.

You can download ICBM from GameJolt.

Thanks, Warp Door.

Phil Savage

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