I admire your balls: The Pinball Adventure

pinball adventure thumb

The Pinball Adventure is a pinball game that I accidentally fell on top of and started playing while doing serious work yesterday. It's pinball, but it's also an adventure , see?

Pinball games are great because you can engage with them even if you don't know what all the lights are supposed to mean - when the ball lands on the flipper, flip it. Flip, man, flip! You don't need to know that you're actually hitting monsters and levelling up, collecting coins and downing bosses. That just happens without you.

Of course, if you really want to score well, you can pay attention to all that and pick your targets. Push in all the pegs at the top to upgrade the size of the loot chest, then kill the boss. Kill monsters, grab the coins, complete the kill quests by smacking monsters in the face with your balls.

You can play The Pinball Adventure on Kongregate . See other games by Damijin by browsing through his profile page . Anyone remember that Maxis pinball game that shipped with older versions of windows, alongside minesweeper and solitaire? The space thing, where you could upgrade your engines and stuff? That was cool.