I absolutely cannot wait to jet pack stomp xenos in Space Marine 2 with my mates

Space Marine 2 is coming this winter, and as revealed in its Summer Game Fest trailer you won't have to fight the gruesome tyranids alone—you'll be able to jet pack stomp xenos with two of your space marine pals. You're gonna be creating so much bug juice.

I didn't gel with Relic's original, as I just found it too prescriptive, but watching the new trailer from Saber Interactive it's hard not to get pumped as three burly blokes march through corpses and slaughter hordes of ferocious alien nasties while showing their love for the Emperor.

The battlefields certainly look impressive, from claustrophobic industrial hellscapes to large monster-infested wildernesses. And while I will always love 40K's orks, watching tyranids covering the walls and pouring out of every crevice is just a bit more intimidating.

Interestingly, the co-op campaign can also be played solo, with the other two space marines controlled by the AI—so even if you can't tempt any of your mates to join you, you'll still be able to bring the Emperor's wrath to the xeno hordes in a squad of space marines.

A multiplayer campaign might also scratch an itch for those who bounced off Darktide. I still really like Fatshark's co-op romp, but there's no denying the studio dropped the ball on the live service stuff and put a lot of players off. Plus, no space marines. I actually dig the focus on other characters, but sometimes you just wanna stomp around as a man-shaped tank.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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