HyperX is adding a couple of nifty upgrades to our favorite gaming headset

(Image credit: HyperX)

HyperX is getting ready to launch the Cloud Alpha S, essentially an upgraded version of the Cloud Alpha, which occupies our top spot among the best gaming headsets. While they look similar, the Cloud Alpha S gains some new features.

Chief among them is "custom-tuned" virtual 7.1 surround sound support. Virtual surround can vary wildly from one headset to another, but given how much we like the regular Cloud Alpha, we're cautiously optimistic about the Cloud Alpha S.

HyperX also added a new bass adjustment sliders. The company says the sliders allow for three levels of fine tuning the bass.

"Offering users a 7.1 virtual surround sound headset that has all the comfort and style of the original HyperX Cloud Alpha. The new Alpha S gives gamers precise sound and intuitive control features to enjoy fully immersive soundscapes," said Marcus Hermann, senior business manager, HyperX.

While we have not tested the Cloud Alpha S, comfort should be the same, or at least similar. Like the non-S variant, HyperX outfits the earcups with memory foam cushions, and there is padding on the headband as well. As a nice bonus, the Cloud Alpha S comes with a spare set of ear cushions, along with a travel bag.

HyperX actually first introduced the Cloud Alpha S at Computex a few months ago, sans pricing and release info. Those details are now available. Well, sort of—HyperX says the Cloud Alpha S will debut in the fourth quarter of this year, priced at $129.99. For reference, the Cloud Alpha sells for $99.99.

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