Hunt: Showdown teases much-anticipated second map

Hunt: Showdown is just incredible, said our Steven after being shown an early build of Crytek's latest at E3 2017. The multiplayer survival game has come some ways since—having improved on its optimisation, matchmaking and performance during this year alone. Today, it offers the teasiest of teasers for its second and much-anticipated map.

Welcome to Lawson Delta: 

Set in post-Civil War Louisiana, developer Crytek says more on the new arena will be revealed at this month's TwitchCon—where it'll also be playable for the first time. The dev also says the map will go "live shortly after the event", which runs from October 26-28 in San Jose, California. 

Not much to go on beyond that at present, sadly, but expect full details at TwitchCon and to go hands-on yourself come November. In the meantime, this short paragraph from Steven's above-linked impressions is pretty powerful—particularly considering he was yet to play it for himself at the time. 

Anyone who has played DayZ or Playerunknown's Battlegrounds can tell you that survival games are often remarkably tense. But Hunt: Showdown's stunning lighting and festering bayous are stifling. I'm sitting in the Crytek booth at E3, watching a hands-off walkthrough of a multiplayer match, but even without a mouse and keyboard in my hands, I can feel the dread mounting with each step the hunters take. 

Be sure to read that in full. Hunt: Showdown is out now in Steam Early Access.