Humble Weekly Sale offers Egosoft catalogue, Indie Bundle gets more games

Dammit, Humble guys. We leave you alone for a few days, and you barf up more games all over your website. There are two Humble happenings right now. Firstly, their Weekly Sale ticked over - kicking out the retro shooters and replacing them with the cold, dark void of Egosoft's space obsession. The entirety of the X-Series is being made available, minus the upcoming, spectacle promising , X-Rebirth. Secondly, over in the Humble mansion's main wing, the Indie Bundle 9 has added four more games, including Bastion and Limbo.

Here's what's in the Weekly Sale :

  • X: Beyond the Frontier

  • X-Tension

  • X2: The Threat

  • X3: Reunion plus its DLC X3: Reunion - Bonus Package

  • X3: Terran Conflict (for purchases above $6)

  • X3: Albion Prelude plus its soundtrack (for purchases above $6)

  • X-Superbox Bonus Material (for purchases above $6)

  • X-Rebirth soundtrack

Alternatively, replace that entire list with a man shouting "SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!" forever. It amounts to pretty much the same thing.

And now, in the more than $2.89 million raising Humble Indie Bundle 9 , you can get the following for an above-the-average purchase:

  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

  • A Virus Named Tom

  • Bastion

  • Limbo

That's all for this weeks edition of "Humble: The 'Oh Dear God How Am I Going To Play All Of These Games' Story".

Phil Savage

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