Humble is offering the motherlode of Destiny lore ebooks for just $9

A Destiny character totes a gun.
(Image credit: Bungie)

Humble is offering an ebook bundle of all five volumes of the Destiny Grimoire Anthology, collections of in-game lore cards and short stories that flesh out the world of the Guardians and the Last City. The $50 value can be had for as low as $9 (or just a buck for volume one on its own) and also comes with a 15% off coupon for the Bungie store, with proceeds going to the developer's foundation.

Aside from its slick sci-fi look, the thing that drew me to Destiny in the first place was its positively wacky lore—you know, worm gods, paracausality, cascading realms of simulated history⁠—it's a hoot and a half. Thing is, in the 700 hours I logged before breaking my Destiny habit, I hardly ever read the extensive in-game lore tabs.

There's just something slightly cursed about pouring over this stuff on a desktop monitor, especially when I was in "reduce brain to 60% standby and grind for Prime Engrams" mode. Also, the last thing I want is my girlfriend walking in on me lit only by the light of a 1440p gaming monitor as I'm giving myself permanent eye damage trying to read about the excesses of the Golden Age of the Traveler. The game doesn't ever pause either, so I'd probably be getting fired on too, or at the very least having someone emoting a touchdown dance next to me in the Tower 

With all that juicy lore in ebook form, one could instead start a roaring fire, slip on a smoking jacket, pour a snifter of brandy, and settle into a high back chair for an evening of intellectual enrichment. "Oh, Vex pseudorealities, yes, very good. Hrm, Eliksni Pirate Shenanigans, how droll." The offer runs through Friday June 23, and the grimoires come in an ePUB format that should be compatible with most phones, tablets, and ereaders.

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