Humble Bundle supporters have donated more than $50 million to charity


The Humble Bundle has been around for awhile now, it's sold a lot of games (and ebooks, and music), and even established its own digital storefront. It's therefore not terribly surprising that it's raised a solid chunk of change for charities in that light, but $50 million? That, I find very surprising, and also very pleasing.

Humble Bundle is probably best known for its "pay what you want" sales and that's what makes this ridiculous sum of money so unexpected, given that generally what people want to pay tends not to be very much. But clearly it's been effective approach: Funds raised have gone to support more than 50 charitable organizations including Child's Play, the EFF, the American Red Cross, charity: water, and Doctors Without Borders.

"It is hard to truly comprehend the magnitude of $50 million for charity," Humble Bundle co-founder and COO John Graham said in a statement. "We owe our thanks to the generosity of the Humble Bundle community—to the content creators who entrust us with their works of art and to the consumers—for making this possible."

The Humble Store Winter Sale is currently underway, with today's highlights including Alien: Isolation for $25, Antichamber for $2, Dead Island Game of the Year Edition for $5, Divinty: Dragon Commander for $10, and Stealth Bastard Deluxe—which, sadly, seems to have dropped its glorious Tactical Espionage Arsehole subtitle—for $1. The sale runs until December 22.

Andy Chalk

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