Humble Bundle puts up a collection of Paradox's best strategy games

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

There have already been some very solid Humble Bundles drop over the past couple of weeks, but if Telltale, Games Workshop, and Daedalic don't push your buttons, maybe this one will. It's the Humble Best of Paradox Interactive Bundle, and even though there are only nine games in it, in terms of actual gameplay hours it is massive.

For $1 you'll get:

  • Warlock: Master of the Arcane Complete Edition
  • Age of Wonders 3
  • Europa Universalis 4, the 2013 strategy monster that Paradox is somehow still releasing expansions for

Beat the average purchase price and you'll add:

  • Stellaris
  • Victoria Collection
  • Necropolis: Brutal Edition

Pay $15 or more and these will be piled on:

Holy cow we're not done yet, because for $20 you'll top it off with:

  • Imperator: Rome, a huge, inventive, and "brilliant" grand strategy game

As always, money sunk into this Humble Bundle can be divided between Paradox, Humble, and charity as you see fit. It's available until August 6.

Andy Chalk

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