Humble Borderlands Bundle gets even bigger

Borderlands 2

The original Humble Borderlands Bundle was an impressive collection of Borderlands to begin with, featuring the original game and three add-ons for whatever you want to pay, plus Borderlands 2 and three of its add-ons for beating the average purchase price. Now, as promised, there's more.

The additional content is all included at the "beat the average" level, which at the moment is just north of $7. At that price (or anything higher), it will also come with the Claptrap's Robot Revolution DLC for Borderlands, and the four Headhunter packs for Borderlands 2: Bloody Harvest, Wattle Gobbler, Mercenary Day, and Wedding Day Massacre. I'm no expert on Borderlands, but I think by now we must be getting pretty close to "everything."

The Humble Bundlers make a point of not disclosing how the money it takes in is divided up, but with the Borderlands bundle having raised well over $1.4 million so far, it has to be good news for the National Videogame Museum, the charity it supports. The bundle will remain on sale until July 7 at

Andy Chalk

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