Humankind's creators want to bring you into the development process

VIDEO: The Humankind trailer from the PC Gaming Show. Also on YouTube.

Amplitude, creators of fine strategy games such as Endless Legend and Endless Space, are busy making a new historical strategy game. Humankind is due out next year, but the team is already inviting players into the development process.

At the PC Gaming Show 2020, Amplitude showed a trailer inviting you to apply to the Open Dev project to gain advanced access and contribute ideas. Amplitude has done this successfully before with the Endless Space series, when the community contributed heavily to the formation of some of the game's wildest factions.

Going by the trailer, the early access will let you play three "time-limited scenarios" named Towers of Babylon, Battles of History, and Hold the Fort. 

You can find out more about Humankind in our 'everything we know' roundup. I'm really looking forward to Amplitude's take on a genre that's been dominated by Civ for decades. Now I'm going to rewind this video so I can listen to that banging interpretation of Strauss' Also sprach Zarathustra.

Tom Senior

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