How to watch Ubisoft's Skull and Bones gameplay reveal

Skull and Bones
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Ubisoft's multiplayer pirate game is, at long last, close to setting sail. It's been a lengthy voyage for Skull and Bones, with development beginning nearly a decade ago and multiple delays leading up to its release, which was originally planned for 2018. Then 2019. Then 2020. And now, finally, possibly, sometime later this year (recent rumors suggest November).

Whether you're eager to finally get to play it, or just morbidly curious about a pirate game stuck in development hell, you'll be able to watch Ubisoft Forward on July 7 for an "in-depth look" at Skull and Bones. Here's how.

How to watch Ubisoft's Skull and Bones gameplay reveal

The Ubisoft Forward Skull and Bones Spotlight premieres on Thursday, July 7 at 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET / 8:00 pm CEST on YouTube and Twitch.

What can we expect? Well, a release date, for one, but I'm sure we'll also get a new trailer and some gameplay footage. A recent leak of an introductory video for playtesters revealed resource gathering, ship crafting, NPC crew mutinies, and plenty of sailing around while firing cannons at ships and forts. 

So expect a deeper look at all of that, along with information on player customization, the pirate reputation system, and other swashbuckling details. And cross your fingers (or bones) we're not dealt with another delay.

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