Here's how to report players in Valorant

How to report players Valorant
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While it should hopefully be a rare occurrence, it's useful to know how to report players in Valorant. In the past, even Valorant's executive producer expressed her reluctance to solo queue in online multiplayers due to harassment, and Riot has made it clear that harassment is not a status quo they're comfortable accepting

It's no fun having to put up with a toxic teammate, or a shifty opponent that may not be playing by the rules, but there is a way you can thin out their numbers. Valorant's report system is there to give you peace of mind, and hopefully justice, provided your senses are spot on.

Competitive shooters get a bad rap for being breeding grounds for abusive voice and text chat, but those angry individuals are in the minority compared to us friendly folks that just want to enjoy the game. When reporting others, it's also important to remember to keep a cool head, but if you occasionally need to weed out the few that are spoiling the fun, here's how to report players in Valorant.

How to report players in Valorant 

You can report a player during or after a match, and the game will now tell you if someone you reported got banned.


If you're suspicious that a player may be cheating, harassing others, or negatively impacting your match in any way that goes against the rules, it's best to report them sooner rather than later. To report a player during a match, tap Esc to open the leaderboard and click on the Report button next to the player's name. You can select multiple reasons from the list. Once you're confident you've chosen the most suitable reasons, click Report once more to send it to Riot.     


If you didn't have the chance to report someone in between pulling off daring clutches, you can still do it after a match. On the main menu, select the Career tab to see a list of your previous matches. Choose the applicable match and click on the Scoreboard tab. Right-click on the player in question and select the Report option from the dropdown menu. Check the reasons in the list and hit Report once more to confirm.

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When to report someone in Valorant

It's possible to report players on your team, and the opposing side. Again, take a step back and consider whether the player deserves to be reported before doing so. Firing off countless reports is sure to slow down the reporting system as a whole. If you're unsure of the criteria, here are all the options for reporting players in Valorant:

  • Comms abuse - text: Hateful speech, offensive language, and sexual harassment.
  • Comms abuse - voice: Hateful speech, offensive language, and sexual harassment.
  • Cheating: Abusing glitches or using third party tools to gain an advantage.
  • Leaving the game/AFK: Not participating, or disconnected from the match.
  • Offensive or inappropriate name: Player name, tagline or group name.
  • Sabotaging the team: Intentional friendly fire, feeding, giving away positions and disrupting/blocking the team.   
  • Disrespectful behaviour: Taunting, chat spam, disruptive audio and offensive character gestures.
  • Threats: Bullying, doxxing, out-of-game physical harm, and emotional abuse.
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