Access secret areas and locked chests by fixing the Jedi: Fallen Order Scomp Link

how to repair jedi fallen order scomp link fix location
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How do you repair the Scomp Link in Fallen Order? The Scomp Link is a droid part for your good ol' pal BD-1 that lets you access locked chests and secret rooms scattered throughout the game. Given the game's Metroidvania stylings, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order requires some backtracking: if you want to see and collect everything on your way to 100% completion, be prepared to cover old ground once your robotic accessory is fixed. 

You'll find a Scomp Link a few hours into your time on Zeffo, the third planet you visit in the game—the first being the dark opening planet, Bracca, and then Bogano, the first place you can properly explore. You can also choose to visit Jedi: Fallen Order's Dathomir planet instead of Zeffo to nab yourself the dual-bladed lightsaber, but the relatively high level of the enemies there makes this shortcut difficult. It's still totally worth it, though. However it's possible to get the Jedi: Fallen Order Scomp Linkearly, so here's how to do just that.

So, you want to access those secret pathways and locked chests early? Of course you do. In order to gain access to the area that contains the Scomp Link, you'll need to play through the game until you unlock the Force Push ability just before you tackle Jedi: Fallen Order's Tomb of Eilram. Once your new ability is unlocked after a brief flashback to your training with Master Jaro, you should then head over to the Weathered Monument—which you see in the Attack of the Fanboy video above.

Once you've arrived at the Weathered Monument, consulting your map will reveal locations with which you can access with your currently-unlocked abilities. Now that you have Force Push, smash through the door to the right of the passage that requires a Scomp Link for access. Head inside the cracked, triangular door and use your Force Push ability to break through. Now follow the path clockwise until you locate a wall that you can scale. The bench that you find at the top contains the Scomp Link.

Now you have the Scomp Link fixed, areas once highlighted in red on your map are now green, meaning that they can be accessed with your replaced accessory. That means you can now retrace your steps and tick off any missed opportunities on Bogano or even Dathomir, if you had the nerve to venture there. Happy hunting!

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