Get this essential lightsaber upgrade in Jedi: Fallen Order right away

jedi fallen order dathomir dual bladed lightsaber
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The Jedi: Fallen Order Dathomir planet hides a seriously cool secret amid its craggy, Martian-like wastes. There are two ways to get the Jedi: Fallen Order dual-bladed lightsaber and one of them includes a visit to this perilous planet.

The other way sees you waiting a little longer: once you've done all you can do on Bogano—the second planet you visit after escaping the clutches of the evil Second Sister on Bracca—you have the choice to visit either Zeffo or Bogano. The slower way is to get Force Push from Zeffo, acquire the Jedi: Fallen Order Scomp Link, and return to Bogano. Instead we're going to show you the quicker way to get the dual-bladed lightsaber in Fallen Order so you can at least try to be as cool as Darth Maul. And almost certainly fail. Sorry.

How to get the Jedi: Fallen Order dual-bladed lightsaber on Dathomir

Going with this route is certainly the quicker way, but it is tougher in terms of the relatively powerful foes in your way. But it's worth pointing out that you can change your difficulty at any time without penalty. So reach out with your feelings, have your Stim Canisters at the ready, and pack all the Midi-chlorians you need: when given the choice of where to visit, choose Dathomir, not Zeffo.

Now you're looking for the Brother's Bastion area. It's a fair old stroll, but it is possible to just run past every enemy that attempts to block your path, as you can see in the HarryNinetyFour video above. In the end you'll see a cloaked figure. Approaching him triggers a cutscene in which the old man mostly spouts incoherent gibberish. No matter: Make an about turn and drop down to the path beneath where you approached him.

Follow this path briefly until it leads you towards a cave. Inside you'll see the part you need straight away. It's on the shrine-like bench and it'll be the first thing you see as you enter the cave, you can't miss it.

Now, let's face it, you're going to feel pretty badass once you've strapped this upgrade to your saber, but it isn't appropriate for all situations. The dual blades are best employed when you need to do some crowd control on weaker enemies. It's perfect for protecting you against blaster fire and your quick attack covers quite the distance around you. However, make sure you revert back to your standard single blade in one-on-one scraps against more powerful baddies; You'll be counting on the higher damage of each attack unleashed on tougher foes.

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