Everything you should know about Halo: Reach season points

halo reach season points
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How do you get Halo: Reach season points? Halo: The Master Chief Collection has finally made its way onto the PC and with it comes a bundle of classic Halo games. Halo: Reach is the first to release with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, ODST, 3, and 4 to follow in 2020. 

Considering Halo: Reach released on the Xbox 360 just under a decade ago, 343 Industries has made some changes: one of those are the introduction of season points. Halo:  Reach season points are a new progression system where players can earn and spend points on seasonal cosmetic items like pieces of armour, Firefight voices, and nameplates.

How to get Halo: Reach season points

Getting season points is easy enough: it isn't immediately clear in game, but they can be earned by just playing the game. As you complete activities, you'll start to increase your rank, and as you level up your rank, you'll earn season points. Your rank is displayed on the top of your screen and follows a military-style system. You'll begin as a recruit and work your way up the chain of command. 

When a season is over, players will be able to keep all the items they bought with their points with the surplus carrying over into the next season. If a new season starts and you haven't unlocked all the content for the season before, you can still go back and continue to work towards those achievements. 

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