How to get Bastion in Destiny 2, without running through corridors

destiny 2 bastion quest
(Image credit: Bungie)

How do you start the Destiny 2 Bastion quest? It’s time again to chase another exotic weapon in Season of Dawn. For those not keeping up, Bastion has been released early through the mysterious Destiny 2 Corridors of Time and a rather enigmatic puzzle. Thankfully the community put in the legwork for you and Saint-14 will now dispense the quest without the need to decipher those Destiny 2 codes, following the January 21 reset. 

In a first for fusion rifles, Bastion slots perfectly into your primary slot and over-penetrates shields through its perk without a specific energy type. While it’s a little too powerful for dealing with the riff raff of PvE, it might just be the primary Fusion Rifle you’ve been waiting for in PvP: each shot fired releases three bullets, which makes it that bit more appealing if you can control your recoil. Sounds pretty interesting, eh? Here’s how to get Bastion in Destiny 2.

How to complete the Destiny 2 Bastion quest

Speak to Saint-14 in the Tower

As of the Destiny 2 weekly reset on January 21, this is how to start the Memento quest line that rewards Bastion. If you're really desperate to have Bastion before then, warm up your legs for a lengthy sprint through those complex Corridors. 

When the quest is live, you’ll be prompted by the director to visit our dear old friend in the Tower to kick things off.

Kill five Fallen Captains or Servitors on the Tangled Shore

Now you're tasked with visiting the Tangled Shore on a clean up mission of sorts. This step can be done wherever you like, but sticking with Thieves Landing will have this step done in minutes since there are Servitor and Captain spawns close together. Talk to Spider when you're done for the next stage.

Kill Aksinikis, Bound by Honor, in The Empty Tank lost sector 

The Empty Tank is in Thieves Landing, and is the closest Lost Sector to Spider. All you need clear the rooms and make your way to the coliseum type area and kill Aksinikis. Return to Spider for your next objective.

Kill 30 challenging enemies and complete ten Spider bounties and eight public events on the Tangled Shore 

This step takes the most grinding: it should take about 1-2 hours to tick off these objectives. When it comes to killing 30 challenging enemies, this'll come naturally, especially if you pursue Heroic public events over standard events. 

The public events can be condensed to four Heroic ones instead. While you're doing all this, pick up some Spider bounties and clear them, too. Thankfully the bounties aren’t limited to his dailies, so take on some Wanted bounties to speed things along. 

bastion quest destiny 2 trappers cave grave

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Find the Trapper’s Cave grave

Now you need to venture to the lost sector in Four-Horn Gulch: Trapper’s Cave. Just as you enter, there's a blue mist that you need to inspect next to the short waterfall. Do that to finish this part of the Destiny 2 Bastion quest.

Complete the Hollowed Lair, Memento strike, and kill the additional enemy in the boss room

Now you’re on to the last enemy-killing quest step, kind of. Now, boot up a special version of the Hollowed Lair Strike from the Tangled Shore map. While in the Strike, you’ll encounter a special enemy in the boss room that you need to kill: Defiled Reysk, the Waning Light. 

As the unique foe falls, you’ll be prompted to return to Saint-14 in the Tower. He’ll tell tales of how fond he was of his old weapon, but it's yours now. Hey presto, that’s you in possession of a new(ish) Bastion.