How to celebrate the holidays on PC


While Halloween is certainly the biggest holiday on PC in terms of special in-game events, themes, and treats, there are still plenty of games that let you celebrate the holidays this winter. Festive skins for your characters, special quests and bosses, and all sorts of decorations began appearing in games this month, but they won't last too much longer! So, while you're enjoying your winter break, don't forget to dive into a few games and unwrap some virtual presents.

Here are a bunch of PC games that are going the extra mile for some holiday cheer. If you know of any more, drop us a line in the comments below.

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA Online Festive surprise

Running until January 5, the Festive Surprise brings some treats to GTA 5 Online, such as Santa outfits, elf and gingerbread man masks, and several sets of holiday pajamas perfect for settling down for a long winter's dirt-nap. There are also Christmas horns for your cars and Christmas trees for your pads. The forecast calls for flurries, too, so get ready for a snowball fight.

League of Legends


It's Snowdown in League of Legends! Until January 7, you can enjoy new skins, icons, and wards, and pick up a host of wintry minions. You can also chuck snowballs at your friends, and there are a number of Snowdown bundles and sales being offered during the event.



The Winter Veil has come to Hearthstone, and until January 6th each game board will be festooned with holiday decorations. Festive wreaths, snow-lined steps, bells, ribbons, and even a red-nosed battering ram. There's also a cheery holiday emote, though feel free to use it sarcastically. Everyone else is. What's more, Tavern Brawl is celebrating the season as well, with players receiving a gift box containing a special card. Match winners also nab a holiday-themed card back.

World of Warcraft

It's time for Winter Veil in WoW, too, with new quests and bosses, a chance to kiss NPC revelers under the mistletoe, and the annual gift-giving day (the 25th, of course) celebrated by the goblins of Smokywood Pastures. You can also acquire new pets like bots, snowmen, and reindeer, and toys such as trains and a clockwork gnome. It lasts until January 2.

Heroes of the Storm


Speaking of Blizzard—again—Winter Veil has also arrived in Heroes of the Storm. There's a snowflake-trailing Goblin Mount, pictured above, available to anyone who plays this month (though he vanishes when the event is over). There are also (purchasable) skins and bundles, and bonus Stimpacks for those who play extra games of HotS during the event.


Care for a festive Santa hat? Head to H1Z1's Pleasant Valley this winter, where you just might spot a shambling zombie sporting an iconic Christmas dome-topper. How about a red tactical helmet with reindeer antlers duct-taped to the top? Call in an airdrop, and you just might find one, unless another player beats you to it.



Free-to-play online shooter Warframe is spraying its community with holiday lead as well. Limited-time skins, holiday hats for pets, and weapon decorations are available for your multiplayer merrymaking. Turn your scythe into a giant candy cane, add festive trimmings to your ship, or try on a cape with a sleek wintry theme.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Running until December 31st, the Starlight Celebration has arrived in Final Fantasy XIV Online. Event items include reindeer antlers, gloves, and boots that look like hooves, plus a Santa hat and beard, as well as some holiday decorations. Players can meet a Harbor Herald reporter in the upper decks of Limsa Lominsa to receive a special event quest.

Guild Wars 2


WintersDay returns to Guild Wars 2, providing all sorts of holiday activities. Hop from snowflake to snowflake in a jumping puzzle game, decorate your guild halls with festive garnishes, and defend the Infinirarium from misbehaving toys.

The Secret World

Krampus, the anti-Santa, is arriving in MMO The Secret World in Issue #13, along with the return of holiday events like The Christmas Conspiracy and Mayan End of Days. What's more, a new gift-giving system is being introduced, where you can spend your Funcom Points in the Item Store and buy prezzies for your pals. Find out more here.

Planetside 2


Snowmen are invading Planetside 2 again this year, and you're granted XP each time you ice one. If you don't happen to be playing in a snowy area, you'll still find festive Stonemen looking for a rumble, as well as loot-granting Golden Snowmen. For a little more holiday flair, C4 and ammo boxes will look like presents, and you'll find holiday hats and a snowball gun in the Depot.



The Frostfire Festival is taking place in Duelyst, and will last until January 3rd. Log in in between now and then (or create an account during the event) and you'll receive a "special secret Gift Box", according to a forum post from the dev team. What's in it? I'm not telling! That would spoil the fun of getting a present, wouldn't it? Also, I genuinely don't know what's in it.

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