How players have reacted to Apex Legends so far

Origin doesn't do user reviews—which is probably sensible, since every other game would likely be bombed with comments asking why they're not on Steam—but if they did have them for Respawn's Apex Legends, they might actually be pretty positive. While not every response to the game is going to be cheery, it was nice to head onto the game's subreddit today and see upvoted posts saying things like 'We all need to thank Respawn' or highlighting what a good job they've done

After playing a couple of games this morning, it's amazing how complete it feels at launch. A lot of praise I'm seeing is directed at the lack of online technical problems. People also seem to respond well to the fact that it's launched out of nowhere (barring approximately 500 leaks this past weekend), with little of the relentless hype that tends to follow a blockbuster game from reveal to launch.

Crucially, of course, it's really good. Apex Legends benefits enormously from the infusion of Titanfall-y systems and Respawn's FPS expertise, and the abilities of each Legend offer a high skill ceiling (that I, hiding in cabins while the circle shrinks, will never reach). I hope it has a healthy and interesting future, and the fact that it's free means I won't have trouble convincing my friends to play it. Below, then, I decided to capture some of our readers' reactions to the game, fresh from that source of nuanced conversation we call Twitter. I welcome you to share your own thoughts in the comments below. 

To kick off, here's some general positivity, and a perspective that this gives some much-needed life to the battle royale genre:

I've seen a few people calling for solo or duo play—the former seems unlikely in the game's current form, given how the heroes complement each other. Personally, I wouldn't mind the option to play with four, which might make more sense when there's a bigger roster of Legends to choose from.

There is also some belief that Titanfall 3 died so Apex Legends can live, when it sounds like this is what Respawn chose to make—here's more on that

There's some praise for the fact that an Apex Legends roadmap for its first year was put out on the same day of release, giving everyone a welcome sense of transparency.

A few people point out how good the ping system is, which allows easy single-touch communication between teammates on targets and points of interest. This makes playing with strangers pleasantly painless. 

There have been no pervasive launch problems for Apex Legends so far, which might be considered refreshing. 

There's some love for the Legends themselves, and how they're brought to life with bits of dialogue—a very Overwatch-y touch. Are some abilities overpowered right now? No doubt there's a lot of tweaking to be done on this side of things after launch for Respawn. 

I feel like I should put some pessimism here just to balance this out. Warning: contains a swear. 

Finally, in a disgusting display of self-promotion, here's my praise for Apex Legends' biggest win of all: that it's not too hungry for hard-drive space. 

What do you think of the game so far?

Samuel Roberts
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