How much is World of Warcraft's Stormwind Keep worth?

Do you ever worry about making the rent on your one-bedroom apartment? Don't worry; WoW's King Varian Wrynn is no king either. Well, I mean, he is , but as far as royalty goes, he's more at the pauper's end of the scale—according to some economists, who have calculated what the real-world cost of the Alliance king's Stormwind Keep would be.

Fun real estate blog Movoto actually went to some pains to evaluate the castle, measuring the shoulderspan of a human male and using that as a gauge to determine the square footage of the available floorspace. They've got a full infographic up on their site, detailing how they came to the eventual real-world pricetag for the last bastion of humanity: $10,293,472. Nope, surviving Deathwing's brutal assault didn't do much to raise the value on this hot piece of real estate.

It's quite a measly sum compared to some of the other fictional properties Movoto have evaluated, which include the likes of the Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Tony Stark's $117 million mansion . Today I learned that I'm probably going to be playing computer games for a very long time, because they're the only place in which I'm likely to ever inhabit a "cheap" $10 million castle.