How long is Halo Infinite's campaign?

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If you're wondering how long Halo Infinite's campaign is, that's likely down to the fact that Master Chief's latest adventure is an open-world game. Well, for the most part. That means the amount of time you'll spend in this lush section of the Zeta Halo ring will vary depending on how you want to play it. You could just blast through it Needler-blazing, or you could take the time to stop and bask in the imposing majesty of Forerunner structures.

Either way, chances are you're going to have a good time. In our Halo Infinite review, Nat says it's "good Halo", and could even have been the best in the series if it wasn't for the relatively redundant open-world parts. 

Anyway, here's an idea of how long you can expect to spend in the latest Halo, along with a Halo Infinite missions list.

Halo Infinite campaign length: How long you'll be besting the Banished on Zeta Halo

In most cases Halo Infinite is about 10-12 hours long. Naturally that depends on how much exploration you do, the difficulty you choose, and so on. For example, you may be closer to eight hours, if you really rush.

Nat found that she spent about that time while playing through on Heroic. Lauren on the other hand found that it took her a little longer on the same difficulty at about 14-15 hours, but as Deputy Guides Editor, she had some collectibles and secrets to find. That said, if you bump the challenge up to Legendary you'll find certain encounters, like a few bullet-spongey bosses, much tougher, and that'll require more careful planning.

Speaking of secrets, Nat reckons you can add on about 4-5 hours to that 10-12-hour average, if you'll be ticking off every side activity, such as rescuing your fellow UNSC marines and capturing Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) to unlock fast travel points. Essentially, besides the open-world tasks and exploration to be had in Infinite, it's a similar length to the first two Halo games, which both tend to clock in at around the ten-hour mark.

How many missions are there in Halo Infinite's campaign?

Not counting the many and various side missions you can take on between main story moments, there are 14 Halo Infinite missions in total. Think carefully before reading the list below if you're concerned about spoilers:

  • Banished Warship Gbraakon
  • Foundations
  • Outpost Tremonius
  • The Tower
  • Excavation Site
  • Spire
  • Pelican Down
  • The Sequence
  • Nexus
  • The Command Spire
  • Repository
  • The Road
  • House of Reckoning
  • Silent Auditorium

And there you go, those are the missions in Halo Infinite and how long you'll roughly spend shooting through them. If you're also playing the free multiplayer mode, check out Nat's tier list of the best Halo Infinite weapons, how to get Halo Infinite's crossplay working, and how to level up fast in the notoriously-grindy battle pass.

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