How to level up fast in Halo Infinite with challenges and XP boosts

Halo Infinite's multiplayer has been a big hit, and the overwhelming response from our team has been that Halo is good again. The battle pass has been a big point of contention, though. The short version is that the battle pass sucks, with a very slow grind, a lot of lackluster unlocks, and a challenge system that doesn't reward players for simply playing or winning matches. 343 has already made some changes to its challenge system to make it a bit easier to get some XP every day, but more significant changes are likely weeks or months away.

For now, if you're trying to unlock a particular armor piece or color in the Halo Infinite battle pass—or blaze through the limited time Fracture: Tenrai event—you're going to have to make the most of your challenges to level up as fast as possible.

Here are some tips for leveling up Halo Infinite's battle pass quickly, without spending 24 hours a day glued to your monitor.

How to level up fast in Halo Infinite without spending money

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🚩 Start with your most achievable challenges - From the main menu, press R to see your progress through the season. This pulls up a screen showing your current daily challenge and three weekly challenges (four if you pay for the battle pass), as well as how much XP they're worth. To speed up progression, 343 has added in daily "Play any match" challenges for 50 XP which you'll get simply for playing a multiplayer game. Focus on your challenges that don't require really specific actions first—you can easily complete three quick play matches to earn 200 XP, for example, while earning 15 kills with the Commando rifle could take a lot longer.

🚩 Some challenges can be completed in Bot Bootcamp - Pay close attention to your weekly challenges and you may notice that some of them specify PvP, and others don't. If you're aiming for speed, you can go after those non-PvP challenges in the Bot Bootcamp instead and beat up on some AI players. These are usually straightforward challenges, like completing a match of CTF or getting kills with the Battle Rifle. Show those bots who's boss!

🚩 Use challenge swaps to ditch crappy challenges - As you level up the battle pass (free or premium), you'll unlock challenge swaps which you can use to reset challenges you don't think you have a chance of completing. When you're on the challenge screen, press R to see your upcoming weekly challenges to know what else is in the queue.

Challenge swaps are consumables, so only use them if you're certain you just don't want to attempt a particular challenge. This is a smart way to keep leveling up while still playing Halo the way you want to. If you love Slayer and hate CTF, don't make yourself suffer just to get a CTF-based challenge. If, like me, you can rarely make it to the Banshee before someone else steals it, definitely ditch that "get 20 Banshee kills" challenge. Use a challenge swap instead and enjoy yourself.

🚩 Event challenges can give you easy(ish) XP - The Fracture: Tenrai event brings with it unique weekly challenges that you may be able to complete more quickly than the usual weeklies. And because the free event pass also includes unlockable XP Boosts (more on those below), you can use it to further accelerate your leveling speed. While the event is active, look at the event challenges highlighted in red to see where to focus your efforts. 

If you want to spend money, here's how to level up in Halo Infinite even faster

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🚩 Optimize how you use XP Boosts and XP Grants - If you buy the premium battle pass for 1000 credits ($10/£8) you'll unlock an XP boost every five levels. XP Boosts double the XP you gain for an hour, so it's best to use one when you have some easy-to-complete weekly challenges lined up to be finished. You can also buy XP Boosts in the shop: a bundle with 2 XP Boosts and two Challenge swaps costs 200 credits.

XP Grants simply award you a flat 250 XP to help you level up quickly. XP Grants aren't unlocked in the battle pass, but there are a couple ways to get them. One is via the Fracture: Tenrai event, which rewards multiple XP grants across its 30 levels. The other is to buy the premium battle pass bundle for 2800 credits—it comes with 100 XP Grants worth a total of 25,000 XP. That's enough to level up 25 times.

You can also straight up buy level ups by opening your battle pass and pressing R to open the Boosts menu. But at 200 credits ($2) a pop, it's going to get expensive very quickly. Note that using an XP Boost does not make XP Grants doubly effective.

🚩 Buy Rockstar energy drinks or Kellogg's snacks (sigh) - If you're absolutely fiending for XP Boosts, you can find them on Rockstar energy drink cans or a whole bunch of Kellogg's foods like Pop-Tarts and Pringles. Just consider how much punishment you're putting your body through for the sake of those boosts if you're buying in bulk. Halo Infinite's battle passes never expire, so you'll still be able to unlock its armor pieces and emblems three years down the line. 

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