How long is Deathloop?

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How long is Deathloop? While game length varies at the best of times, the unique structure of Arkane's live-die-repeat romp means Deathloop is an even more elusive beast on which to stick an hour counter. As you learn and master your surroundings to eventually kill all eight of your targets in one run, you can expect to die—or run out of time—often. 

So, Deathloop isn't straightforward, both in terms of your mission and how the game itself is structured. You could spend hours poring over every detail to set up the perfect final showdown, or barrel through, laser-focused, and flash through your quest in extra-quick time. Either way, I'm here to give you a rough idea of how long you can expect to visit Blackreef.

Deathloop length: How long you could spend in Blackreef

From the reviews I've seen, the full range I've found is anything from 17 to 25 hours to finish Deathloop. That said, if we're getting specific, let's start with Phil's Deathloop review

He found that it took him 22-23 hours to strike down all the Deathloop Visionaries and see the credits. However, he also mentioned that "you could easily wrap it up in 18-20 hours, maybe a bit less." From there, even though Phil's finished the story, in his review he says he still wants "to complete the remaining puzzles to see what new weapons and upgrades are out there, and learn how they can help my fight against Julianna in the future."

Meanwhile, Lauren, our Deputy Guides Editor, reckons skilled FPS players who aren't interested in discovering every detail could easily finish Deathloop in 10-15 hours. She's been playing for about ten hours and killed about half the Visionaries in one run, but with a lot of secret hunting and stealth.

In other words, it's really up to you how much time you want to take in Deathloop. Blackreef is yet another rich Arkane creation with oodles to uncover, so you can either get it down as quickly as you can, or take your time. Either way, I hope that gives you an idea of how long Deathloop is. If you're looking for more help with the game, check out our top Deathloop tips and our guidance on the best Deathloop settings.

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