How do the current VR options stack up?

GDC Oculus Rift

We used a lot of VR while we were at GDC 2016. It was the heart of the conference this year, and we're rapidly approaching the day the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are available to anyone with money to burn. So we gathered to discuss what the main differences between the two are, and what could be deciding factors between the two. Watch the full video above to see how we think the two headset heavy hitters stack up against each other.

When we say we've been using a lot of VR, we really mean it. Tim got to go hands-on with Valve's new lab demos, and also nearly soiled himself while playing the Paranormal Activity game. Tom played the Oculus exclusive card game Dragon Front. Wes got a chance to see nearly all 30 of Oculus' launch games and broke down what to expect from every single one of them.

Elsewhere at the conference, Ubisoft announced a VR party game, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes' developer revealed it had sold over 200,000 copies, and Jesse Schell made bold predictions about the future of the technology (spoiler, robots are going to touch you in VR).

No matter what you think of VR, it's undeniable that game developers are excited about it. It was amazing to see everything at the show so heavily revolve around VR headsets, and HTC and Oculus were sitting at the top of the mountain. While Playstation VR has made waves with its low price point, PC gamers mainly have the two front runners to choose from. We'll be here to help.


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