Hands-on with Valve's Lab demos on the HTC Vive

Tim Vr

Valve brought a new set of demos to GDC 2016 to showcase the HTC Vive. So we played them. And no, there was no Half-Life 3 or Portal 3 to be found behind any of the closed doors. Those fist-clenching disappointments aside, the new demos showed off some first-person bow combat with the Vive's controllers and put us in an Aperture lab with a giant catapult to mess around with.

Also, the final was set on Tatooine and, of course, gave you a lightsaber. The Millennium Falcon was there too, and yet somehow this was the one Tim liked least. The real question remains: when will we start seeing more fully fleshed-out games for the Vive? And if VR is your thing, you might want to take a look at our analysis of the games included in the Oculus Rift launch lineup, plus an assessment of how the two headsets currently stack up against each other.


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