House Flipper 2 will bring more zen home renovation in 2023

One of the joys of PC gaming is witnessing new niches blossom. For example, who could have predicted the runaway success of House Flipper, a game about making musty old houses really nice? Given how unaffordable buying an actual house is, maybe it's no surprise, but it's proven so popular that it has been regularly updated since its 2018 release, with pets, gardens, and cyberpunk (late 2020, man, you had to be there).

Now it's getting a sequel in the form of House Flipper 2, which was announced today on Twitter. As is usually the case with coy announcement trailers, the video embedded above tells us diddly-squat about what improvements House Flipper 2 will bring, though a graphical improvement appears to be on the cards, at least.

The one minute trailer shows an office space from a first-person perspective. An answering machine message requests the flipper go to the store to buy a new radiator, as her "ex-boyfriend" has stolen hers. Does this imply new first-person trips to the shop? Soap opera-style melodrama? Hopefully both! But maybe, neither. A QR code in the office points to an official House Flipper 2 website, which is currently just a brick wall.

House Flipper 2 is scheduled to release some time in 2023, but in the meantime, the original House Flipper is still getting updates. For example, in January its Cyberpunk DLC got some new Lunar New Year themed cosmetics, and a major farm expansion is on the horizon which, as the name implies, lets you build little farms in your backyard.

Chris played House Flipper all the way back in 2018, just after its launch. "It's just a nightmare," he wrote of one of the houses he had to flip. "Trash everywhere. Mold on the walls. Tiled floors that look like they've been attacked by a mob of chisels. A bathroom where someone shit everywhere except in the actual toilet. A kitchen where someone started shitting because someone else was busy shitting all over the bathroom. It's appallingly gross and I don't even know where to begin." 

Shaun Prescott

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