Get to grips with Heroes of the Storm's Battlefield of Eternity map

HotS Battlefield of Eternity

One of the first maps released as part of the Eternal Conflict event, Battlefield of Eternity takes place in the Diablo universe. It’s also the first map that doesn’t have three lanes. Instead, two lanes orbit a central arena housing the map’s primary objective: two immortals, each representing one team, duking it out.

Battlefield of Eternity is the map where you’ll spend the least amount of time laning, because the vast majority of the action takes place with (and around) the immortals. It’s also one of the larger maps, with the massive gap between the lanes making typical roaming tactics ineffective.

HotS Battlefield of Eternity Centre

Your objective is to take out the enemy immortal before they kill yours, before marching into battle with your immortal to help it destroy enemy structures. The challenge of taking down an immortal before your enemy has a number of solutions. To make the most out this map, you need to recognise which is the best strategy for your situation.

Choosing your hero

Like many other maps in Heroes of the Storm, one lane is typically designated for a player to sit in by themselves. Heroes like Zagara, Chen, Greymane, and others that can survive on their own are typically the best choices for this position. The top lane is typically played this way, but that leads to some teams subverting this for their own gain: be wary of enemy teams that intentionally send a 4 person crew to the top lane in order to catch out your solo laner!

Otherwise, a team composition that lends itself towards lengthy drawn-out fights is your best choice. When immortals spawn, you’ll typically find your team scrapping in the claustrophobic arena at the centre of the map. Having a support on the team who can heal heroes over a long period of time is the best option: try Lt. Morales or Brightwing for this role.

Due to the amount of time it takes to kill immortals and how far the objectives are from the lanes, Abathur and The Lost Vikings are incredibly effective for soaking up experience. If you’re a fan of those heroes, give them a shot!

HotS Battlefield of Eternity Lane


One player should lane on their own, soaking experience, while the other four members of the team tussle in the other lane. This is where the team will generally stay until immortals spawn. The four-person team should try to make sure they capitalise on any mistakes the enemy makes in lane.

That said, going against expectations can create opportunities to pull ahead. If you’re confident, one teammate can go for a jog up to the solo laner and try to get a kill up there. It’s unreliable, and the distance between the lanes means it’s easy to escape if the enemy catches on to what you’re doing, but it’s worth a shot if your team desperately needs that advantage.

If it bleeds...

Despite the name, immortals aren’t immortal. They’ll spawn 1 minute and 45 seconds into the game in two circles opposite each other. While the immortals do attack each other, they cannot hurt one another, and the players must take them out. When one of them reaches 50% health, the two immortals will move to the remaining two circles after a brief animation.

immortals have two abilities aimed at heroes, both of which are easy to see and avoid. The first damages, knocks back, and briefly stuns heroes caught in a small radius around the immortal, while the second damages and stuns any heroes caught in any one of several circular zones it attacks at a range. These attacks can do a big chunk of damage to those with a smaller health pool, but they’re easy to dodge if you’re paying attention. They’re a threat when the enemy has the ability to bodyblock, stun, or root you in place so you can’t avoid it. Where possible, try to use that to your advantage if you’re defending your own immortal.

The first thing to determine is whether your team can kill an immortal fast. For example, a team full of warriors won’t be able to kill the immortal nearly as quickly as a team of assassins, so they have to use a different strategy.

If you’re confident that you can kill the enemy immortal faster than they can kill yours, do so. Ignore them and focus on taking out theirs first.

Immortal regen globes

If you kill the enemy immortal, two regeneration globes will spawn in the centre of the map. Don’t forget to collect them for a bit of health and mana.

If this isn’t possible, there are two options. The first is to cut your losses and take out as much of the enemy immortal’s healthbar as possible, weakening them for the coming siege. The second option is to engage the enemies underneath your immortal. Hopefully the enemy team will be focused on the immortal and take time to retaliate, and you also have the immortal itself to back you up.

HotS Battlefield of Eternity Immortal

The immortal weapon

If you’ve managed to take out the enemy immortal first, send four teammates to whichever lane the immortal decides to attack, with the final teammate soaking experience in the other lane. The aim is to defend its shield for as long as possible. As long as the shield is active, the immortal has a ranged attack rather than a melee attack, making it far easier to defend from the enemy.

Generally, it’s best to help the immortal do its thing by pressuring enemies away from it. Don’t charge at the enemy, but do try to intimidate them with your presence alongside the immortal. The immortal will still be able to use the abilities from beforehand—if any enemy gets stunned, try to nab a quick kill before they can escape.

HotS Ba ttlefield of Eternity Immortal Attack

When defending, the aim should be to take out the immortal’s shield with ranged abilities and heroes as quickly as possible. As soon as the shield goes down, melee heroes can start to help taking the immortal out.

Returning to lanes

As teams return to lanes, you’ll see a lot of players move as a small group to take mercenaries—while this is just about the correct time to capture these camps, they won’t be used to their full effect if captured quickly. Immortals will respawn two minutes after the last one died, and capturing mercenaries too early will mean the enemy can kill them easily.

HotS Battlefield of Eternity Mercenaries

Instead, watch the timer, and start to take them close to the immortals’ respawn time. This will allow the mercenaries to push down an undefended lane as the enemies focus on the immortals.

Closing out

The best way to secure a victory is with a lategame immortal. There are few units that can even compare to their strength as a damage sponge, and their utility with stuns is a good way to intimidate foes into staying away. As there are only two lanes, you’ll have fewer creeps and catapults to back you up in the final siege than you would in another map. The key is to use the immortal.

Those immortals will be won by whichever team can catch their opponent out. Long death timers mean that if a player is killed they’ll be out of the game long enough for their enemies to take an immortal. Ambushes and flanks in the fog of war towards the centre of the map are good ways to find opportunities for this—just be sure that you don’t let it happen to you!

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