Homefront is free on the Humble Store in the 48-hour Deep Silver Sale

I will begin by saying that I actually liked Homefront, and mostly unironically. Yes, it was top-to-bottom dumb, from the underlying premise to the wonky AI and especially the over-earnest "war is hell" moments that just don't come off the way they're supposed to. But the shooting was good and the explosions were plentiful. 

That's not to excuse its many failures as a game that was intended to run with Call of Duty (seriously) but it does mean that it's a solid pickup when you can get it for free—which is now the case over at the Humble Store. Until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on December 9, the Red Dawn-flavored shooter is free for the taking: Hit up the store page, add it to your cart, check out, and find yourself in possession of a Homefront Steam key. 

The freebie is part of the Humble Store's 48-hour Deep Silver Sale, which also includes deals on Metro Redux, Agents of Mayhem, Saints Row, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Island, Risen 3, and a bunch of other good stuff.   

Now get in the pit, Jacobs!

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Andy Chalk

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