Hitman 3's location import function will be live by the end of February

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Hitman 3 is a spectacular finish to the World of Assassination trilogy: "A magnificent videogame and a perfect swansong for Agent 47," we said in our 90% review. It's so good, it's got Fraser damply daydreaming about getting offed with a banana. It's just that good.

The only thing marring the game, in fact, is IO Interactive's promise that Hitman 3 players would be able to import their Hitman 2 ownership, unlocking those maps at no extra charge. 

This worked without issue on consoles, but turned out to be trickier than expected on PC because Hitman 3 is an Epic Store exclusive while Hitman 2 is only on Steam. IO first tried to walk back the promise by offering a Hitman 2 "Access Pass" at a discount, and when that failed to fly (big surprise) said that it would figure out some way of ensuring that the initial promise of free access to Hitman 2 locations could be kept.

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The downside is that the figuring-out process would take some time, meaning that the ability to import Hitman 2 locations would be rolled out "in the coming weeks," after Hitman 3's launch. It's been out for more than two weeks now and there's still no sign of that functionality, but a new update to the "Known Issues" list on the Hitman forums says that it will be released by the end of this month.

"Whilst we’ve been busy launching Hitman 3, we’ve also been working on the promised solution for allowing PC players to import locations that they already own into Hitman 3 on Epic," the update says. "We’ve got that solution worked out and it’s currently being tested and verified from all angles to make it as robust as possible. In terms of timing, it’s definitely a case of sooner rather than later. Even with the longest estimates we’ve looked at, the solution will be fully rolled out before the end of February. We’ll keep you updated with the next steps."

There's no indication as to how it will work, but hopefully it will be less a hassle than the process required to import your progress from Hitman 2.

IO also said that it's aware of three other issues currently plaguing the game, and is working on fixes for those as well.

  • Players are unable to reach full mastery in a location due to losing XP, but challenges still marked as complete after experiencing a server disconnect. - Status: Tracked. This issue is on our radar.
  • Players cannot access the Requiem Pack - Status: We’re aware and working on a solution.
  • Players are not awarded a trophy/achievement despite completing the requirements - Status: We’re tracking the ones that are reported to us and investigating a fix.

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