All the Hitman 3 keypad and safe codes we've found so far

Hitman keypad codes — Agent 47 sitting in Dartmoor while assuming his detective persona.
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Looking for each Hitman 3 keypad code? You'll come across many of these as you play through IO Interactive's World of Assassination, and they'll often hide objectives or an alternative means to complete a mission. In other words, it's worth figuring them out.

Or, if you'd prefer to save yourself a bit of time so you can get on with the task at hand, you're in luck: Read on below to discover every Hitman 3 keypad code combination and safe combination I've found so far.

Dubai keypad codes

Floor 00: Staff area and Atrium door code
Both doors on Floor 00 share the same code and you can find it close by, on a whiteboard in the Meeting Room. The code is 4706.

Floors 02 and 03: Security Room safe
The safe codes for the Security Rooms on both these floors are the same. Each will contain an Evacuation Keycard that can be used on the Penthouses on Floors 04 and 05. The code for both safes is 6927.

Floor 05: Penthouse guest bedroom safe
This room is on the second floor of the penthouse. The safe code is 7465.

Dartmoor keypad codes

Alexa Carlisle's office safe
This safe is located in Alexa's office on the second floor. To get to it, find and press the button located on her chair. The clue is above the safe but to save you time, the safe code is 1975.

Berlin keypad codes

Hirschmuller's office safe
This safe is found in Hirschmuller's office on Floor 02. You can find this one for yourself by listening in on two staff members. They mention that the code is the same year that the Berlin wall fell. The code is 1989. 

Chongqing keypad codes 

Container door to ICA Facility entrance
You'll find this code by listening in to a conversation between some people outside. The code is 0118.

Floor 02: ICA apartment door
This code is the same as the one above. If you want to find it for yourself, you can climb into the apartment from the roof and hear it on the answering machine. The code is 0118.

Floor 01: Laundromat door
Clearly, someone in the security department has been lacking in imagination; The code to this door is the same as the previous two. The code is 0118.

Floor 04: Benchmark Lab door
This door is located on the same floor as 'Hush'. To find the code, check the whiteboard on the top floor. The code is 2552.

Floor 05: Therapy Room door
This door is found inside Hush's Private Lab and has the same code as the door above. The code is 2552.

Floor 00: Arcade door
The Arcade door is located on Floor 00 and uses the same code as the last two entries. The code is 2552.

Floor 00: Secret Hatch
You'll find a courtyard area behind the Arcade with a keypad on the wall. There's a hatch hidden behind some crates here. Again, the code is 2552.

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Mendoza keypad codes 

Laser System door
This is the door code you'll need to shut down the Laster System and access the Wine Fridge. You can find the code on the wine label. The code is 1945.

Villa Basement safe
To find the code for this safe, you'll need to do a bit of detective work. First, eavesdrop on the guards outside and they'll mention that the safe code is the year the couple got married. Back in the Villa, check the calendar to find the current year (2021), and that the couple is celebrating 15 years of marriage. The code for this safe is 2006.

Carpathian Mountains keypad code

Start of mission door
This door is right at the start of the mission in Carpathian Mountains. The task of finding this code is simple, as it is located on the poster next to it. The code is 1979. 

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