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Here are Hitman 2's release date timings

Hitman 2 is due out next week, which is quite alarming for someone who has just finished Marrakesh in the last game. Slow and steady, that’s me. It’s due out on November 13, though you’ll get to start assassinating folk on November 9 if you have the Gold Edition. IO Interactive has also revealed specific release times. 

If you’re one of the Gold Edition lot, Hitman 2 will be available on Steam from 10am PST/7pm CET on November 9. It doesn’t look like you’re going to be pre-loading the 40GB game, I’m afraid, so you’ll have to wait until then to start downloading it.

Vanilla Hitman 2 will be available a few days later, on November 13, and you’ll be able to start downloading your copy at 10am PST/7pm CET.  

These release times come from a Reddit AMA with IO Interactive yesterday evening, though they do contradict the release time for the Gold Edition given by the Hitman 2 Twitter: Midnight EST on November 9. The AMA response was about the PC version specifically, and it may be that tweet related to consoles only, though this was not explicit. 

I’ve reached out Warner Bros. and IO Interactive for clarification. 

Fraser Brown
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