Hitman 2 logo leaks on Warner Bros. website

Earlier today, the official Hitman Twitter account teased an upcoming new target for Agent 47. But the specifics of that target won't be revealed until June 7, and the tweet had a feel of something bigger: A forthcoming announcement of season 2, perhaps? Io Interactive has already effectively said that it's going to happen, but has been somewhat more reticent about actually, fully committing to it. 

Warner Bros. Interactive saved the studio the trouble today, however, by letting a Hitman 2 logo appear on its site. As of this moment, it's still there, although I'd expect that someone will notice it eventually and take it down. It's not much to see, and it's hardly an Earth-shattering revelation, and even if this hadn't happened we'll almost certainly be getting official confirmation within the next few days—E3 is less than a week away, remember. Even so, it's nice to finally see it on the screen: Yes, the hits will keep coming.

Thanks, Wario64.

Andy Chalk

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