High on Life lets you watch an entire 90-minute movie for some reason

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Ever catch yourself playing a game and thinking "Damn, I really wish I could watch the 1994 sci-fi horror comedy Tammy and the T-Rex in this game right now?" No? Well maybe High on Life can convince you to adopt that mindset.

As pointed out by Reddit user u/xJ8N0W331x, the new shooter from Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland's game studio, Squanch Games, lets you watch the entire movie from start to finish. According to another Reddit post, it's actually the 2019 uncut "Vinegar Syndrome" edition of the movie. It tacks on an extra eight minutes from the original, offering a 90-minute runtime about Paul Walker having his brain plonked inside a robot t-rex. Disclaimer: I had no idea about this film until today and I am still largely unsure about it even after reading a synopsis.

It's an odd choice of film, one that I'm not entirely sure of the reason behind its inclusion. There are even a few commercial breaks throughout, presumably to make up for the lack of ability to pause and scrub through the movie since it's being presented to you through a different medium. You can also sit on the couch for the optimal viewing experience if you so wish. 

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If you're that desperate to watch Tammy and the T-Rex right now though, you might be better off just finding it on a streaming service. Comments on the Reddit post seem to indicate numerous issues with the screen going black either a few minutes in or after one of the ad breaks, forcing players to restart the film all over again. I'm not gonna stop you from watching the first half-hour of it over and over again, though.

There's no achievement for watching the movie all the way through. It's there simply for your own enjoyment, and if you don't feel like taking a 90-minute break from the game then there's no obligation to. High on Life isn't the first game to pop an entire movie inside its world, either. As some helpful Reddit comments point out, console-exclusive shooter The Darkness lets players watch the entirety of To Kill a Mockingbird and The Man with the Golden Arm. The original Destroy All Humans had b-movie Plan 9 From Outer Space in its game, with the remake opting for Teenagers From Outer Space instead. Though of course, there is a mod to swap them around if you want the OG movie experience.

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